Under-secretary put forward a government plan about telecommunications infrastructure

National plan of telecommunications infrastructure was the subject addressed by the Under-secretary Pedro Huichalaf, who gave a presentation in the context of the colloquiums of Center for Optics and Photonics, CEFOP, from Universidad de Concepción. In this instance, the topic was to try to find the latest research in areas linked with the center’s research lines. Also, to explore other fields, bonded with the development science in country, inviting to share these experiences with a wide audience composed by academic, professionals and students from differents faculties.

In his speech, the national authority emphasized the national need to achieve a permanent development in this area, making known the strategic axes for 2014-2018 period, specifying every objective of the national plan.

Universidad de Concepción is thinking in development of the future careers, thus all the telecommunication initiatives, in appropriation of the internet and the development of knowledge in the ‘hard engineering’, as the work that is realized in CEFOP, we valued it from the Government point of view, and that’s why we are present, talking about a national plan of digital infrastructure. At the same time, we are coordinating some practical measures, because university is the center of the profesional training and a guide to know where is the technology going. We are happy to visit CEFOP and I’m available to any joint action or initiative. Along with CEFOP, we agree to continue with this talks, to make a partnership agreement or maybe a future academic event, and why not, to think in other jointly coordinated works. So, this will be the first of several opportunities and I hope to be present in the University of Concepción“, emphasized Huichalaf, who is Lawyer and Master (c) in Informatics Law and Telecommunication in Universidad de Chile. He also held as Chief Parliamentary Counsel in Technology and Telecommunications and member of the legal department of the under-secretariat, when he took up his current position. He has experience in national and international intelectual property regulation, personal dates, informatics crimes and electronic trade.

One of the central issues of the presentation was focus in development projects that the Government will boost in future. One of them is the Austral fibre optics network that will connect Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas, by an undersea wire, as result of a partnership between public and private entities and the sponsored of Ministries of Education, Health, Economy and Justice. This work will benefit to the entire community and will have emphasis in academic world and the development of the scientific research of the country.

Dr. Rolando Hernández, director of Technology Development from CEFOP, laid stress on the importance of the under-secretary’s visit for our Center researchers, and specially, for the development in the academic area.

“Listening to telecommunication under-secretary, who also come from the humanistic world, being a lawyer, will give us a big chance to look on country development with a perspective that we did not have in the Center. He shows how these scientific projects, at the end of the day, transform into a technology which improves people lives. Mr. Huichalaf gave us that look, and it helps us to keep working in development of human capital and communications technologies. As a Center we find this instancevery important, because we have with projects financed by the Government and obviously we want these products of our work have results that are nearer to products awaited to implement by public policy. From that point of view, the Under-secretary visit, gave us a look of the country, concern about the scientific/technical national system”, said Dr. Hernández, who is also Counselor of South Zone in the Council for Telecommunication Development, entity that has the mission to approve the projects, the calls contest, and the subsequent allocation of resources in technology development area.

The visit finished with a tour in laboratories of CEFOP, where Mr. Huichalaf met the work realized by researchers from our Center for new apps development, born from the scientific research.

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