Interferometer use in optical tomography was the thesis topic of this new UdeC engineer

“Development of a coherent optical tomography based on a Michelson interferometer operating at 1550 nm” is the name of the thesis developed by Alvaro Alarcon, which allowed him access to the Civil Engineer in Telecommunications degree with an outstanding grade, after a experimentation period in the laboratories of the Center for Optics and Photonics, CEFOP, at Universidad de Concepción.

“This work tested the principle of a coherent tomography to identify and accurately measure the distance between objects and also make depth characterization of certain objects through the light. This kind of system exists commercially, but it has a very high cost, but Álvaro experiment showed that the thickness can be measured with good resolution, through a sheet of glass, making sure that this system operates under the limitations that exist, so it could be possible continuing this line of work on other projects, making some changes as different types of light, different perspectives”, said the lead professor of research, Dr. Guilherme Xavier, about the technique that has allowed to other groups of researchers, to develop 3D videos, among other uses.

For his part, the responsible researcher highlighted some applications the results of their studies might have. “The idea behind this interferometry system is to measure too small objects and also very great objects. For example, when the system is completed, it will be possible to view biological samples, such as some defects and foreign bodies in the eye retina. And best of all, it is a relatively simple and non-invasive technique, which can also be implemented in the industry. A big advantage is the low cost of this system compared to an x-ray and other systems, but most important is that you can make measurements in any process or any part of the human body, without generating a direct interference with it, you are not going to damage or produce any problem”, said Alvaro on developed work that last 18 months, and earned to him the highest score in the evaluation.

IMG_2355-500x375The new engineer plans are performing the Master in Electrical Engineering, varying his research topic into ​​quantum communications area. “But much of interferometry techniques we developed are going to be used, passing light through optical fiber, and other factors such as alignment and components characterization,” explained the young researcher, who will continue linked to CEFOP in the next step of his academic and professional progress.

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