President of Conicyt visited laboratories of CEFOP

As part of a visit to Universidad de Concepción, organized by the Vice-Rector for Research and Development, the president of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, Dr. Francisco Brieva Rodríguez, visited the Center for Optics and Photonics, CEFOP, a Basal Center funded through its Research Partnership Program, PIA. Brieva got to know the most important researches driven by our scientists through a tour in CEFOP labs.


CEFOP directors, Dr. Rolando Hernandez and Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Faculty Dean, Rodolfo Araya, Dr. Francisco Brieva President of Conicyt, and Associate Dean Roberto Riquelme.

The visit, in which also attended Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Dean, Rodolfo Araya, the Associate Dean Roberto Riquelme, and the directors from CEFOP, Dr. Carlos Saavedra and Dr. Rolando Hernández began in laboratory of Quantum Information where Dr. Gustavo Lima explained the work being done in the area of generating random numbers based on properties of quantum mechanics.

Then, visit comitee went to the photothermal phenomena laboratory, where they learned in Dr. Renato Saavedra words, the studies currently being undertaken in thermal lens for characterization of physical properties of systems at very low concentrations and the development of analytical techniques for characterization headed gunpowder. Visitors learned about the research experience in the development of optical trapping and microscopy. In particular, Dr. Juan Pablo Staforelli explained the advances in microscopy illumination structure and thermodynamics of microscopic systems.

Dr. Brieva also visited the Technology Transfer Unit, where electronic civil engineer Oscar Salas, and the Unit director, Dr. Rolando Hernández, explained the positive effects of telemetry system aimed at the prevention of occupational risks tasks of forest crops, which has been developed by CEFOP for Bosques Arauco SA, significantly improving the security of its employees.

Finally, the visiting group visited the Laboratory for Atmospheric Optics, where Dr. Elena Montilla described the operation of Lidar-CEFOP system in aerosols study and characterization. This system is part of several internactional air monitoring networks.

In March of this year, it is expected a new visit to our Center with Dr. Francisco Brieva, who is a civil electrician engineer from the Universidad de Chile, PhD in Physics at the University of Oxford specializing in Theoretical Nuclear Physics. He is currently professor at Universidad of Chile, where he served as Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences since 2002 to 2014. He was Executive Director of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission and became president of CONICYT in September 2014.

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