Biobio region dazzled at the Exponor fair with instrumentation made in Concepción

Researchers were in Antofagasta exhibiting technology developed at the Center for Optics and Photonics of the University of Concepción. Industrial devices to measure particulate pollution to implementation for work safety, were some of the products.

EXPONOR1More than a thousand companies from 30 countries participated in the Exponor international fair, which takes place every two years in the city of Antofagasta. In 112 thousand square meters, more than 40 thousand people visited the different stands, including the Center for Optics and Photonics (CEFOP-UdeC) of the Universidad de Concepción, who were invited by the company Raylex.

Taking into account that this exhibition was geared toward the mining industry, CEFOP-UdeC presented industrial devices for the solution of domestic industry problems, which are characterized by being developed 100% in Concepción: security, optical instrumentation devices to monitor industrial waste and a micro-LIDAR that measures air pollution monitoring, were some of the technologies presented.

The Director of technological development at CEFOP-UdeC, Dr. Rolando Hernández Mellado, explained that the participation of the Center in this fair is significant if you want to make tech transfer, and that these developments can become a useful product for a company or external entity. “For this reason it is so relevant that CEFOP-UdeC, is at a fair such as Exponor, one of the largest in Chile, where we can show some of our developments. What is really positive is the fact that our participation was offered by invitation from an established firm in the market such as Raylex, a representative of large international companies, and that through a strategic alliance with our Center they made the decision that the technological developments that we provide are transferable.”

For his part, Germán von Geldern, general manager of Raylex, added that such fairs allow making contact with the industry, the community and its reality, “as it also promotes technological innovation applied to the development of new technologies tailored to the needs of the industry, at competitive costs, scalable and with local support,” exactly as CEFOP-UdeC has done.EXPONOR4

For the Manager, as well as the Center and the University of Concepción, they play a fundamental role: to be a magnetic pole of research, development of technology and products that give solutions to the needs of the community and industry. “The company is critical in promoting social and economic development, which is closely linked to the quantity and quality of technological innovation, as the company is an essential actor in the implementation and marketing of these new innovations and technologies in national affairs.”


The developments that CEFOP-UdeC presented during this technology fair are directed to industry. Currently, this research center is focused such that its technological development is a direct product of its work in optics and photonics.

Rodrigo Fuentes, researcher, and Felipe Mendoza, engineer, were the Center representatives at the international fair. Dr. Rodrigo Fuentes shared that they focused on publicity of the technologies developed, but at the same time they sought other products that could be developed, in order to integrate them, “because you don´t see much research, because there are few firms that invest in it. We are dedicated to finding these kinds of contacts, presented to the Center, in order to generate new ties.”

Felipe Mendoza, pointed out that the Research Center presented five years of work, represented in products and services. “We saw a lot of interest. People cannot imagine, or simply do not know, the work that goes into research and development carried out in Chilean universities. Often they have technological problems with a conceptual solution already applied by them, which remains unresolved in their businesses due to lack of teamwork. We have those teams.”

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