CEFOP-UdeC attended Paraty Conference

PARATY“Processing of quantum information in high dimensions” is the work that our researcher, Dr. Esteban Sepúlveda, presented during his stay at the V Quantum Information Conference, PARATY 2015, which took place during the first week of August.

According to Dr. Sepúlveda, the presentation focused on the most relevant results obtained in the last three years in the Quantum Information laboratory of CEFOP-UdeC, concerning “the results published in 2013 on quantum communications, in parallel a work we do with Dr. Adán Cabello and we finished with the preliminary results of experiments that we are developing now. Everything related to quantum communication and quantum information and foundations studies.”

“In the end, what remains is the feeling that we are doing things well and there are people who are very interested in what we do,” said the CEFOP-UdeC researcher of the Quantum Information line. After his presentation, he received numerous questions, as well as various suggestions, which culminated in new networks of collaboration, specifically in Brazil, which will add to the ties that already exist.



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