Historic news for Science and Technology: Advisory Council of CONICYT formed

CONICYT CONSEJO* The agency, responsible for advising the President of the Republic on national policies for science and technology, will be chaired by Dr. Francisco Brieva.

Last Monday, on September 7 saw the end of 42 years of recess for the Advisory Council of the National Commission of Scientific and Technological research, CONICYT, a historical decision for Chilean science and technology. The restoration of the Advisory Council of CONICYT, which was put into recess in 1974, came about in 2014 through the Supreme Decree No. 326, where the Ministry of Education and CONICYT answered the request of the scientific community, which for years had longed for this.

The powers of the Advisory Council include advising the President of the Republic on the establisment of national science and technology policy, and in the formulation of a national plan of scientific and technological development. “Reinstating the Advisory Council of CONICYT means to regain the ability to make collective decisions on matters of public policy in Science and Technology and a better coordination of the tasks we perform,” the President of the Council, Dr. Francisco Brieva, commented.

For Dr. Brieva, this is a historic moment. “Thus, this first meeting serves to establish guidelines and the context of tasks imposed by the same Organic Statute,” he said.

The Council is structured as follows:

-Dr. Francisco Brieva Rodriguez, President.

-Dr. Bernabé Santelices González, Vice-President of the Council, National Prize for Natural Sciences 2012.

-Christian Nicolai Orellana, Executive Director of CONICYT.

-Dr. Francisco Martínez Concha, representative of the Minister of Education.

-Pablo Chacon Cancino, representative of the Minister of Social Development

-Dr. Alejandra Mizala Salces, Advisor, Full Professor at the Faculty of physical sciences and mathematics of the University of Chile.

-Dr. Sergio González Miranda, Advisor, National Prize for History 2014.

-Dr. Andrés Stutzin Schottlander, Advisor, physician and Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

-Dr. Haroldo Salvo Garrido, Advisor, Director of the Center for Nutritional Genomics Agroacuicola, CGNA, of the Araucanía Region.

Historical context

Chile’s National Scientific and Technological Research Commission was created by Decree N ° 13.123 in December 10, 1966. Later, by the Supreme Decree 491 of 1971, its Organic Statute was modified, now defining the institution as intended to advise the President of the Republic in the planning of scientific and technological development and that it develop, promote, and foster science and technology in Chile, preferably directing efforts to the economic and social development of the country. This same decree established the make-up of the CONICYT Advisory Council and its powers.

However, by means of the Decree Law N ° 116/73 and 668/74, of 1973 and 1974, the Council was declared in recess and the decision was made that the President of the institution would assume the full measure of the functions, powers and obligations the Organic Statute of Service had conferred to individual authorities and the Board. Finally, the Supreme Decree N ° 326/14 of the Ministry of Education on August 4, 2014 ended the recess of the Advisory Council of CONICYT, and in August 2015, the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, appointed its members.


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