Implementation of an Automatic Satellite Image Georeferencing Adjustment Method

Mauricio Arenas Crisostomo and Lorena Pradenas


Considering the required human capital specialization and response capacity, the studies focus on monitoring environmental variables generate high requirements in the delivery of satellite products. In the present study, an automatic georeferencing adjustment method is implemented in NOAA/AVHRR satellite images. This method is based on the literature experiences and consist of two steps. First, the identification and extraction of the input image features, and second the contours optimization. Also, for the step 2, it is proposed a local and a global optimization approach, based on the energy minimization, through the correspondence between the input and reference images. Finally, the results of the proposed and the supervised method are compared, considering accuracy and speed of convergence. In this comparison, the propped method showed to be robust, autonomous and computationally efficient.


Categories: Publications