CEFOP-UdeC researcher specializes in Smart Homes

* Texas Tech University received our researcher Elena Restrepo, who is doing an internship in the Distributed Systems & Networking  laboratory. There, she will work with Dr. Mahshid R. Naeini.

SER_06-14-280x500Four years ago, Elena Restrepo came to CEFOP-UdeC from her native Colombia with the objective of obtaining a PhD in Engineering Sciences with a mention in Electrical Engineering, for which was installed in our Center’s networking laboratory, supported by Dr. Jorge Pezoa.

Today, the researcher is located in the United States, specifically at Texas Tech University, doing an internship in her specialization. From Texas Tech, she explains that the objective of this exchange is to assist in the development of a model for a pervasive computing environment, or “a computer that adapts to the situations that arise in the environment, which has the capacity to manage energy demands, analyze events, streamline decision-making, carry out privacy analysis and provide security.”

During her time at CEFOP-UdeC, Elena has worked in networks of wireless sensors, ambient intelligence (AmI), and intelligent agents. She stressed that this expertise was obtained “during my academic training and thanks to the collaborations carried out within CEFOP,”¬† and with this foundation, she stated, “Now I can contribute to the development of such models for intelligent homes and future smart grids.”

After her stay at Texas Tech University, she plans to enhance and strengthen Smart Homes research in Chile “following the example of leading countries in the industry, such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, among others, where many research groups, companies and universities are working hard to demonstrate the future of this fascinating area,” the young researcher explained.

Dra. Mahshid R. Naeini

Dra. Mahshid R. Naeini

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