Scientists urged to write brief texts on their topics of interest

MATRAZDivulgoCiencia, a producer of scientific communication, has raised a challenge to scientists with skills in writing. It’s a literary contest called “Ink in the flask” whose objective is to awaken interest in scientific communication for pre-, post-grad students and teachers from scientific careers, by means of a writing sample of no more than 200 words.  The participant should be able to transmit a topic of interest from a scientific research line with language for the general public, not technical language generally used in the scientific world.

Official contest launch

The launch of this innovative competition will be held on Wednesday, March 23 at noon in the Lipschutz Auditorium of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, with special guest Dr. Carolina Torrealba, biologist and PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and current Director of Communications and new projects of the Science & Life Foundation. She is also author of the book Pioneers, the beginning of experimental biology in Chile, which delves into the different researchers who laid the foundations for the study of biological sciences in our country.

Due to the context that the sciences currently experience in Chile, the objective of the presentation of her book, Pioneers, focuses on rescuing the history of our origins in the area of science, in order to look towards the future with a different perspective.

Also, as one of the researchers studied in Carolina Torrealba’s book is Dr. Alejandro Lipschütz, a scientist associated with the University of Concepción, she will share the history of this little-known researcher who had a constant presence in the UdeC academic community.

To learn more about this competition, click HERE.

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