November 2016

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RIAO/OPTILAS has become the most important scientific meeting on optics and photonics in Ibero-America, with a steadily growing attendance with each conference version. This meeting anticipates the arrival of 500 participants, and constitutes a privileged place to exchange ideas and experiences in the fields of optics and/or photonics, as well as in establishing long-term collaborations and cooperative relationships and friendships among Ibero-Americans institutions and researchers in optics.

RIAO/OPTILAS is a stellar example of growth of the scientific community involved in topics related to optics development, and it is the biggest referent of the contributions made by Ibero-american researchers to advance the field of optics and photonics.

This time, from the south, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to encourage the bonds of interagency collaboration, and to strengthen the identity of this scientific community worldwide.