Festival of light

FIESTA DE LA LUZ AFICHEEstablished in 2013 by the 68th annual meeting of the United Nations, 2015 was proclaimed the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies. In the Biobio Region, we have gotten on the bandwagon of the International Year of Light, where CEFOP/ University of Concepción is the national representative of this celebration. And as we celebrate in a grand way, we have organized a party you can’t miss, along with the Explora program, Biobío region, and CiCAT, the Interactive center of science, arts, and technologies.

We have envisioned the University of Concepción, and the city of Concepcion, as the epicenter of the year of light. For this reason, a festival has been organized that brings together families and the general public, where light can be experienced from their different perspectives. We will utilize an important part of the campus with activities that are all very visual, where attendees can interact with each of the spaces that we are designing, which will display facilities based on light.

On October 11, the activities will begin at 5:00 pm. The following is a description of some of them:

BIKATHON: Circuit within the UdeC with stops where light-related themes are briefly discussed.

LUMINESCENT GARDEN: Luminescent flowers that will be spread over an area of the campus.

LIGHT GRAFFITI: Attendees can make their own graffiti based on light.

POEM PROJECTION: Poems related to the theme of light will be projected.

LED GLOBES: There will be an art intervention with 500 LED balloons.

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: A box of photos is given to previously registered couples and they will take the photos through the campus.

SHADES OF LIGHT AND COLOR: Hall with sets of lights to generate shadows of the visitors.

LUMINESCENT MURAL: Picture frames will have a neutral base of a drawing on which visitors will be able to fill in details with luminescent paint.

LIGHT DANCE: Dance with light intervention.

DJ: We’ll have music that is generated through the intervention of light.

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