CEFOP-UdeC contributions to society continue with an Atmospheric Station, which is formed mainly by the LIDAR Laboratory, the core of the system. With the results obtained and the networks created by the researchers in charge, we have realized important alliances and strengthened partnerships in the LIDAR world. First, CEFOP-UdeC is associated with the Latin American Lidar Network (ALINE-Lalinet), and our first operation together was carried out in the stations in Argentina and Brazil, tracking the ash cloud from the eruption of the Calbuco Volcano. At the same time, we are working with GLOBAL ATMOSPHERE WATCH (GAW) – GAW Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (GALION), studying the time-space distribution of aerosols. Along this line, we also realized an alliance with Aeronet, of NASA.

Based on the scientific results obtained by the Quantum Information line, and in collaboration with Raylex, a Telecommunication Services Company, we are working to prepare a solution to institutional security, based on quantum key distribution, to generate ultra-secure communication and data transfer. Currently, we are in the final stage in the development of a prototype, which will be able to distribute secret keys along long distances through fiber optics. Building this prototype is a very important step to technology transfer of Quantum Cryptography technology.

CEFOP-UdeC has been able to establish agreements with institutions to strengthen its work. Recently, as a result of the relationship formed in the first stage with AIRBUS D&S (ex – EADS Astrium), an agreement has recently been signed with the Biobio Regional Government and the AIRBUS D&S Company, where CEFOP-UdeC is the academic partner, to create the new Center for Satellite Reception of the Biobio Region (CRS-Biobío). This center will have the mission to generate important information based on processing of satellite data, of interest for economic and social development in the Biobio Region and the southern zone of Chile. The center will feature researchers from four universities and personnel from government agencies. This new center, born under the auspices of CEFOP-UdeC, will has a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional character, and will boost the civilian use of satellite information, as stated in the original proposal that created CEFOP-UdeC.

In telemetry and control, we have realized a technology transfer agreement with Woodtech Company for the industrial production of a safety system for people and equipment for the Forestal Arauco S.A. Consortium.