Atmospheric Optics

optica atmos

Atmospheric optics involves different known aspects of classical optics applied to the study of the atmosphere, such as transmission, absorption, emission, refraction and reflection of light. In the Atmospheric Observatory, the atmospheric boundary layer is systematically examined by measuring aerosol concentrations, using a LIDAR system that carries out elastic and inelastic measurements that is complemented with a CIMEL sunphotometer and DOAS device. The research is carried out together with the international networks of NASA, LALINET and WMO. Currently, we are focused on the design and development of devices based on photometric sensors. These systems are intended to measure the quality of the surrounding air of industrial and urban areas, with emphasis on the determination of PM2.5 and PM1.0 concentrations. In addition, we are developing an optical system of scanning hemispheric HSI-DOAS, which is used to measure a variety of polluting atmospheric gases. Panoramic maps can be generated with this instrumentation that describes the way in which these gases are spatially distributed.