Optical trapping and microscopy


This line of research focuses on techniques of classical optics, optical traps and defocusing microscopy (DM).  With these, quantitative studies are carried out on the physical properties of small thermodynamic and biological systems, such as diffusion in unbalanced systems, cells and membranes of red blood cells, the dynamics of fluctuations on the cell surface and the effect of physic-chemical alterations.

In addition, this research line is working in the area of infrared microscopy (IRM), where it seeks to develop an instrument with the potential to join multiespectral, micro-spatial and temporal dynamic infrared information, which occurs in most optical thermal processes. These techniques have applications in medicine, biology and chemical reactions analysis. Finally, studies are being carried out in structured illumination microscopy with random fields, or SIM-Speckle, and the design, development and implementation of analytical tools for traditional optical video microscopy, in particular, with applications directed towards the optimization of production processes in Chilean mytiliculture.