César San Martín Salas

Doctor en Ciencias en Ingeniería

Universidad de La Frontera


César San Martín Salas

International Congress

  • Validation of Heat Conduction 2D Analytical Model in Spherical Geometries, C. San Martin, Quantitative Infrared Thermography 2012, italy, Napoles, (2012-06-11)
  • Compensation of the Readout Data for FLIR Photon 320 Infrared Camera, C. San Martin, 2011 International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition IPCV'11, estados unidos, las vegas, (2011-07-18)
  • An Effective Reference-Free Performance Metric for Non-uniformity Correction Algorithms in Infrared Imaging Systems, C. San Martin, The IEEE LEOS 20th Annual Meeting, United States, Orlando, FL, (2007-10-21)


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